Printing Operations Improved by Managed Services HDO November 11, 2022



Printing Operations Improved by Managed Services
Printing Operations Improved by Managed Services

This client saw an increasing demand for solutions in the printing industry in the Philippines. A study showed that the typical office worker prints 10,000 pages of work material every year. Teachers, on the other hand, print as much as 75 pages of academic materials. That’s why reinforcing the way they operate everyday and cater to their customers’ needs has to be productive, efficient, and the best.


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November 11, 2022
By: Mr. Mike M.


Printing, Website Design, Solutions, Email, Cloud, etc.

The Challenges

This client was experiencing a big deal of challenges that blocked their way to more revenue and opportunities for growth. Some of the major issues they faced were:

  • Designated a dedicated team of developers and artists to do a complete revamp of the design and interface of the website.
  • Designed a UI/UX content architecture that creates better engagement and higher conversation. 
  • Incorporated the client’s brand into the website’s design to create an authentic digital space for a powerful and lasting impression.
  • Created lead-generation and customer inquiry forms.
  • Developed a goods-centric page to showcase new and bestselling products.
  • Continuous optimization of website to improve overall performance and user experience
  • Routine system and security upgrades every month
  • Content updates upon client request
  • Weekly malware and virus scanning and monitoring
  • 24/7 technical support and servicing
  • Premium cloud server maintenance and upkeep 
  • Developed a centralized, cloud-based CRM to reinforce internal processes such as sales, marketing, and operations among others.
  • Developed a CRM-connected application that makes important processes possible even on the go.
The Solution

With strategic planning and collaboration, HDO’s teams worked together to address the client’s challenges. The issues were addressed with the following solutions:

The Results

With the successful efforts of each team to fulfill the client’s needs, these solutions resulted in overdelivered results such as:

  • High SEO levels pushed the website up into the top rankings of popular online search engines.
  • New and improve website design created a high flow of traffic, making valuable customer journeys one user at a time.
  • The website has been calibrated to fit any device for better accessibility and user experience.
  • Website maintenance ensured optimum performance, preventing issues that can disrupt user experience.
  • Regular website updates and upgrades improved loading speeds, user engagement, and data protection.
  • Security updates provided better data protection and security.
  • Monthly website performance reports allowed marketing and sales teams to develop better sales tactics.
  • Reports showed what marketing channels can funnel the best potential leads on the website.
  • Analytics can show what specific aspects of the website can be improved on.
  • The CRM automated the slow, manual processes of running internal and external operations.
  • The CRM mobile app added convenience in using the online platform on their smartphones.
  • Overall operations now produce significant results compared to previous years.
  • Deliverables were completed on time or earlier than expected.
  • Fields sales agents are monitored better to ensure optimum results.
  • Recording of client data is easier and more organized.
  • There’s an increase of customer orders that surpassed projected sales quota.
  • More leads were acquired through the website.
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